Custom Solutions:

Eliminate on-site paperwork and hours of data entry once you’re back in the office! Customers of Foster Automation will benefit from better, more accurate, and timely data collection, while also avoiding redundancies and unnecessary expenses associated with using paper forms to record data. Customers also benefit by saving time, having easier, more accessible data storage, and therefore, more useable information about their business and value-adding processes.

Have Problems?

  • Un-retrievable data?
  • Hard to read Paperwork?
  • Slow Turnaround?
  • Minimal access to Information?
  • Little to no analytics?

Solutions Process:

  • Your problems are thoroughly looked over and analyzed.
  • We then determine the extent at which your problems can be solved and evaluate your future needs.
  • We then work closely with you to develop a system that works and fits your needs.
  • Once a solution has been constructed, we test it out thoroughly to insure that it both meets and exceeds your needs.
  • Once the soluction has been fully implemented, we continue to support and change the solution to fit your growing needs.